by Amy Snow



Dumbledore died. :( This is a song about Harry Potter's feelings.


Things are different now
And it's strange somehow,
I cannot ever remember a
Time when things were clear
War always seemed near
Though we could never define the

Things we felt back then.
So unsettled when
We lost, we lost,
Felt like everything
No more certainty
World fell though the sky

Clouds have gathered all around my life
Lightening blinds me when I try to fight
Will the thunder stop?
Or have I lost?
Suddenly everything's changing
I don't recognise
All these searching eyes
Looking for answers I don't have.

So it's real this time
Crossed some kind of line
Memories are all that we have now
Of those days, and all
Of the lessons we learned
We must never forget them.

We'll push back this doubt
and journey out
forwards, onward
Give our everything
Show what we can bring
Don't back down now!


released October 26, 2012




Amy Snow Cork, Ireland

Singer-songwriter from Ireland with a penchant for the nerdier things in life. Films, superheroes, wizards, my little ponies and Time Lords? On it.

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