Fat Lady

by Amy Snow



Breaking into Hogwarts is dangerous business...


You just don't know how hard it is to crack her hard shell,
Until you go and try it there's just no way to tell...
To get inside the common room you must make her swing,
But evil Black he slashed her and instead made her sing...

Ahhhhh!!! D:

It ain't over til the Fat Lady swings...
So go ahead and try it see if you can make her swing!

And now she's up in Filche's office
Can't nobody try to stop this reign of terror,
School's under seige,
Nothing's making sense and I can't believe
Black got this far and didn't get it,
But you know it ain't over until the Fat Lady swings

But maybe she'll...


released November 15, 2012
Amy Snow - everything




Amy Snow Cork, Ireland

Singer-songwriter from Ireland with a penchant for the nerdier things in life. Films, superheroes, wizards, my little ponies and Time Lords? On it.

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