by Amy Snow

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A song I wrote from Tony’s POV in Captain America Civil War. Really I was thinking about the moments when the Avengers are learning about the Accords and when Tony is nursing his headache. Later he talks to Steve about how he’s done, but he’s not. He can never really be done, no matter how emphatically he says it.


You’re angry with the choice I’ve made
And there’s nothing I can say that is right.
I’m hiding the state I’m in and I’m drowning in the weight of my sin…

I just can’t take any more, I’m done,
I’m done being afraid
Inside I’m torn, I’m done
I’m done lying awake
Seeing their faces…

There’s so much, I can’t find the words
In the silence, my rare silence I say it all

Everything changes, just look who’s before you
I see what your hopes are but can you see mine too?
Please don’t throw all that we’ve fought for together away


released May 29, 2016




Amy Snow Cork, Ireland

Singer-songwriter from Ireland with a penchant for the nerdier things in life. Films, superheroes, wizards, my little ponies and Time Lords? On it.

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