A Note

by Amy Snow



I wrote this song about Tony’s attempt to call Pepper at the end of Avengers. I hope people like it <3 I didn’t produce it or anything, just me playing piano and not editing!

(Art credit goes to: nastasiarocks.deviantart.com)


Truth be told
I’ve never been the one to lay down on the wire
But even so
I hope you know….

This is just a note,
A final message to you now
As I see the parting clouds.

Honey, answer if you can,
This could be our last chance

This is just a note
A final message to you now
As I move towards those clouds

And as I go
I hope you know…


released June 7, 2013
Amy Snow




Amy Snow Cork, Ireland

Singer-songwriter from Ireland with a penchant for the nerdier things in life. Films, superheroes, wizards, my little ponies and Time Lords? On it.

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